What are the yearly maintenance and total overhead charges for a $65 million Gulfstream G650? Written by Sample Aircraft

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Zero.  I'm being somewhat facetious, but it would be possible to own a G650, and effectively charter it, so your net costs could become 0.

There are two types of costs for aircraft operations: Fixed Costs, and Variable Costs:

I will detail the two here:

Annual Fixed Costs:
Pilots                          $231,750.00
Crew Training               $69,380.80
Hangar                         $80,000.00
Insurance                     $60,000.00
Aircraft Miscellaneous   $28,500.00

Total Fixed Costs:          $444,630.80

Variable Costs (these are hourly):
Fuel (320 gph at $5.80 per gallon) $2,204.00
Airframe Maintenance                   $243.39
Engine/APU Maintenance             $709.51
Crew Misc.                                  $350.00

Total Variable Costs (Per hour): $3,263.51

The Total Costs Per Hour do down, the more you fly so I have listed the Annual Budgets for 100, 300, 500, and 1000 hours. These are probably the numbers you are looking for.

Annual Operating Budget

100 Hours         $770,981.80
300 Hours         $1,423,683.80
500 Hours         $2,076,385.80
1000 Hours       $3,708,140.80

These are all just estimates of course because true operating costs will not be borne out, until several years after the aircraft enters service.

Now if you charter the aircraft this is what the charter will offset your costs:
($8,000.00 per hour, net charter rate, flying 200 owner hours and 400 charter hours).

Fixed Cost          $444,630.80
Variable Cost      $652,702.00
Net Charter Profit$2,034,596.00
Net Annual Cost  ($937,263.20)

So this owner flew the aircraft 200 hours and made a million bucks.