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Flatbed Towing A 1921 Ford Model T (Tin Lizzy)

Created On: 04/18/2016 22:41:44

A rare beauty - the 1921 Ford Model T. Before the end of the 1920's, more than one half of all the cars in the entire world were Model T Fords. At no other point in history has a single car company (let alone a single model!) held so much market share

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Did You Know...The Nickname "Tin Lizzie"

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Priced so that the average American could afford it, Henry Ford sold his Model T from 1908 until 1927. Many also may know the Model T by its nickname, the "Tin Lizzie." But how did the Model T get its nickname?

In the early 1900s, car dealers would try to create publicity for their new automobiles by hosting car races. In 1922, a championship race was held in Pikes Peak, Colorado. Entered as one of the contestants was Noel Bullock and his Model T, named "Old Liz." Since Old Liz looked the worse for wear (it was unpainted and lacked a hood), many spectators compared Old Liz to a tin can. By the start of the race, the car had the new nickame of "Tin Lizzie." To everyone's surprise, Tin Lizzie won the race.

Having beaten even the most expensive other cars available at the time, Tin Lizzie proved both the durability and speed of the Model T. The surprise win of Tin Lizzie was reported in newspapers across the country, leading to the use of the nickname "Tin Lizzie" for all Model T cars.


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The Ford Model T is probably one of the best known automobiles in history. It was the car that “motorized” the United States, it was the first truly affordable car, the first one to be built on a production line and is widely considered the most influential car ever built. Between 1908 and 1927, more than 15 million units were built and at one point, 50 percent of all cars in the world were Model Ts.

And since the “Model T” name was considered too boring by some, one of the most popular nicknames the car had was “Tin Lizzie”. The story of this name begins in the ‘20s, when American car dealers organized all sorts of races between cars in order to promote their products. During an event that took place at Pikes Peak, Noel Bullock entered the race with a Model T in an awful shape, all rusty and with the engine hood missing, which he called “Old Liz”. And since most spectators immediately compared the car with a tin can, the “Tin Lizzie” nickname was born. And what probably made this name stick was the fact that the car actually won the race. Today, this nickname is not only attributed to Model Ts, being also used for all old cars in a bad shape.

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